The Firm w/ Emily St. James

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features discussion of child abuse.   Film changed forever in the summer of 1993. Jurassic Park showed the way of the future. The Last Action Hero was the final gasp of the 80s action film. And Tom Cruise starred in the first of what would be a wave of major 90s films, breaking in the John Grisham legal thriller with The Firm. And for this film, composer Dave Grusin did something almost unheard of: a score composed and performed almost entirely on one instrument: the piano. For Emily St. James (Vox, Arden), the combination was unforgettable, inspiring - and also tied to difficulties with her family. Join Chris and Emily as they discuss the film, the summer of 1993, the career of Wilford Brimley, and much, much more.

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The Firm w/ Emily St. James
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