Interstellar w/ Eli Barraza

Let's go back through the black hole Gargantua and do this one more time.

Eli Barraza (The Far Meridian) joins us for a different perspective on Hans Zimmer's 2014 magnum opus score for Interstellar. We discuss Eli's experiences working at the Griffith Observatory, the career of Matt Damon, the science of sound, why "Mountains" is such good jogging music, and much more. Join us, won't you, for another spin around the cosmos on My Big Score.

My Big Score was created, hosted, and edited by Christopher Dole. All piano music performed by Christopher Dole.

The main theme was composed by Erik Jourgensen.

Show artwork by Chandler Candela.

Our social media consultant is Ellie Warren.

This series is produced in Los Angeles County on the ancestral lands of the Tongva, Tatavium, and Chumash.

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Interstellar w/ Eli Barraza
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