HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS with Chris Ryan and Bobb Barito

Today, on My Big Score, we celebrate a very, very special new movie. We are immensely lucky to be joined by composer Chris Ryan and sound designer Bobb Barito to discuss the making of the extraordinary new independent dialogue-free action comedy HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS, the epic story of former applejack mogul-turned-trapper Jean Kayak, his travails in the Wisconsin woods, and the beavers who bedevil him. Topics range from what it takes to make action sound design funny, developing the mathematically precise rhythm of this very rhythmic film, the De Wolfe Music Library, the advantages of distortion and not needing to be "realistic", and much more. Plus! Titanic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and what do they have in common with Hundreds of Beavers?

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Hundreds of Beavers comes to SVOD in the US on April 15th. More information linked below, and if you can see this movie in theaters, we cannot recommend it highly enough. Just trust us.

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HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS with Chris Ryan and Bobb Barito
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